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Why Choose To Work For Hustle?

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Hustle are Auckland labour hire experts; we build and maintain strong connections with businesses across the region in construction, transport, manufacturing, and civil works. We do the hustling and you get the job.

The employers we work with include transport and warehousing companies and civil works organisations that work from site clearing through to foundation pouring. We offer jobs with Auckland construction companies across government infrastructure, vertical inner city builds and housing developments of all shapes and sizes. Our team can connect you with temporary work in manufacturing and production.

You gain access to opportunities for skilled and semi-skilled labour jobs Auckland-wide when you join Hustle. We offer quick starts, competitive weekly wages, and flexible hours. Most applicants are placed within five working days, and many go on to nail down permanent placements.

Flexible Access

If you’re in the region for a short time, have specific hours you want to work, or simply prefer to pick and choose your employers, Hustle is on board to connect you with the schedule that works best for you.

All jobs are offered through our smart scheduling system, and the Hustle app lets you decide which hours you want to commit to, which sites you want to work on and whether you head back to the same site or pursue work elsewhere within the system.

You can work for a day, a week, a month—or you may be offered an extended contract. We also take care of shifting you across from a temporary to permanent placement with any employer who wants to keep you on, and they pay the necessary fees.

Weekly Payments

Hustle operates on a weekly payment system, so you never need to chase up your wages again. All your hours are logged automatically with an easy GPS monitoring system; you simply open the app, hit ‘Me’ and choose ‘Start Shift’ and ‘End Shift’. You must keep your phone charged throughout the day so that you can clock in and out.

Your employer for the day is prompted to approve your hours, and you receive your wages directly in your bank account once a week. Hustle sends payslips out by 6 pm Wednesday, and your payment should hit your account by 8 pm that day. Some banks have a lag period, so it may be a little later or even the next day.

All New Zealand bank accounts work with our system; however, we recommend all our Auckland labour-hire staff choose ANZ if possible as this ensures prompt payment every time.

We can help you with enquiries about your visa, contract or payslip, and we credit check all employers so you won’t ever get into a pay dispute.

Along with streamlined payment services, we charge all our temps out at a minimum of 3 hours a day unless a formal agreement has been reached under different terms. This means your work preparation and travel time are recognised as valuable, so you can be sure that if the work runs out while you’re on-site, you’re still guaranteed a reasonable payment for the day.

Quick & Easy On-Boarding

If you’re ready to access labour jobs Auckland-wide, we can get you signed up quickly and easily. You just need a smartphone, an IRD number and a bank account. We can direct you to the right place if you need help sorting any of these out.

All our Auckland labour-hire staff receive a starter pack, which includes appropriate safety gear for the position you’ve accepted. If you need a PPE replacement item at any time, just contact your Hustle manager.

While each job may have different requirements, you’ll likely need your own steel-capped boots, ear protection and gloves. It’s important to check what safety equipment is required as you won’t be able to enter most worksites without the essential safety gear.

We Value Our Staff

At Hustle, we love to see our temps do well, and it’s always great to match the right worker with the best job. We can even connect you with opportunities to upskill with short courses or promotions within a client's company if you turn out to be a perfect match.

Reliable and consistent performance may lead to full-time work if that’s what you want. Just be sure to check the guidelines around shifting into permanent work in the Staff Handbook.

Connect With Our Auckland Labour Hire Team

Hustle is here to make things work, so get in touch with any questions, or apply now to access simple signups, flexible work, and reliable wages.

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