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Surviving and Thriving: The Benefits of Labour Hire in Times of Recession

Like everyone else in the country, Auckland labour-hire companies are riding the wave when it comes to the economic downturn that was an inevitable effect of the measures taken to get the country safely through the years since early 2020. Everyone in the country seems to be affected somehow by the increased cost of living, the uptick in fuel prices, and the drop in the housing market.

While there certainly is a need for belt-tightening across the board as the recession takes hold and looks to hang around for a bit, there is some good news regarding Auckland labour hire services. Have you ever considered the benefits of engaging temporary labour jobs for Auckland staff for your business?

While many hiring managers might think that Auckland labour services are reserved for an emergency staffing situation or as a way to deal with an influx of seasonal tasks, there are benefits outside of these parameters that could see you surfing the recession wave all the way to the bank.

So, what are some other benefits of using an Auckland labour-hire company outside of a quick fix when half the staff are off sick? Read on to discover a few you may not have considered.

Flexibility & Savings

When market stability and productivity are on shaky ground, businesses must employ agile thinking. This is a situation where accessing staff on a temporary basis can provide a flexible approach to navigate fluctuations in the market. If you can scale your workforce up and down on an as-needed basis with Auckland labour hire solutions, you will find cost savings.

If you can access a skilled short-term labour force when the workload is heavy, then easily scale back as the job is completed, you will always have the resources that you need in place without putting full-time staff into a paid holding pattern as you wait for the next job, delivery or call out. This allows you to avoid the financial burden of maintaining a full-time workforce when you don’t have the work to make this a smart financial choice.

Access to Highly Skilled Workers

If you have labour jobs Auckland-wide on the horizon that require a particular set of skills that are currently lacking across your permanent staff, you may be considering training someone for the job. What if you didn’t have to? Training staff costs you money and often will mean pulling someone off their regular duties to take time out for learning.

While upskilling your crew might be a good long-term investment under normal circumstances, during a recession, there is no wriggle room to have someone come off task, and hiring someone new on a permanent basis is just not feasible when you are looking to hammer down costs. This is a great time to get in touch with Hustle.

We have many skilled and experienced professionals on our books who are readily available for short-term assignments, so if you need to book workers now who have the skills you need quickly, we have you covered. Tapping into a large pool of temporary skilled workers allows you to take advantage of specialised skills, maintain productivity and take pressure off your current staff.

Reduced Overheads & Admin

At Hustle, our Auckland labour hire agency team has processes in place that allow us to handle payroll management, compliance, health and safety and all the other administrative tasks necessary to keep the wheels turning when it comes to recruitment, onboarding and navigating the complexities of labour regulations.

Because we take care of all the paperwork for our short-term workforce, you get the benefit of a streamlined hiring and employment process, and you get an experienced hire ready to hit the ground running, often arriving with the high-level skill you need immediately to deal with specialised tasks.

This all translates to reduced costs around administration and a significant financial win when it comes to the overheads you incur around sick leave and the obligations you have to long-term staff in regard to annual leave. This also frees you up to focus on core operating tasks and allows you more time and energy to work on strategic initiatives to ensure you lead your company successfully through the recession.

Get in Touch

Streamlining your workforce during a recession while still having access to all the Auckland labour hire resources you need to maintain productivity just makes good business sense. Saving time and resources also allows you to ensure that your permanent staff are taken care of while times remain challenging during the economic downturn.

If your business can remain agile and responsive over the next few years, you should make it through without making difficult compromises.

So, if you want to access a skilled short-term workforce for your warehousing, construction, manufacturing or civil project, get in touch with Hustle and book workers now.

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