What is the minimum charge?

All workers are charged at a minimum of 5 hours per day unless otherwise agreed to ensure workers are fairly compensated for there time and travel to and from site.

Credit Application & Terms of Trade

Credit Application & Terms of Trade

How do I approve hours?

We will set you up in our scheduling software Deputy where you will be able to log in and approve the GPS backed timesheets from workers. If you haven't been set up and wish to contact your personal account manager and they will be happy to help. Approval Walkthroughs:

Do you offer recruitment services?

Our recruitment team is experienced in fulfilling permanent placements for niche roles. The process is broken down into three key steps: Advertising, Shortlisting, & Placement. Placement costs are based off two key factors: the total value of the employees package and the scarcity of the job type.

I want to hire a temporary worker that is already on my site.

If you wish to recruit a worker we have already supplied to your site in a labour hire capacity then a temporary to permanent placement is likely the best option. This is where the recruitment fee is waived in exchange for you retaining the worker on site for a set period e.g. 6-12 months. If you wish to hire the worker earlier you will be charged a pro rata discount on the placement fee.

Are there any extra fees?

We do not charge any administration fees, or call out fees. We may charge an increased rate for a worker if the shift is at night or is outside of the general Auckland area but will always communicate this in advance. This increase in rate is passed on to the worker to ensure they are just as motivated whenever and wherever your job is.

What are your payment terms?

We offer 7 Day payment terms for all new customers.


How do I get an IRD Number?

Follow the below links to the Appropriate IRD page.

How do I open a Bank Account?

We recommend ANZ to ensure you recieve payment as promptly as possible although any bank is fine. Start by following the link below to book an appointment and then follow up by bringing your ID to verify your identity in person. Open ANZ Account

I need a SIM Card?

The fastest option is to visit a phone provider directly or your closest Supermarket or Convenience Store and ask to purchase a SIM card at the counter. You will then be able to fully activate it online.

What is Deputy?

Deputy is the main hub for all communications.

  • Work Offers
  • Timesheet Submission
  • Site Updates
  • Toolbox Talks
Check out the full Deputy FAQ

How do I clock on and off?

To Start Shift: Open App > Me > Start Shift To End Shift: Open App > Me > End Shift - *Location services must be turned on.

I have a different Deputy question.

Check out the full Deputy FAQ

I have a query about my contract, visa, or payslip.

Please contact us at and we will be happy to help.

Staff Handbook


What is Site Safe?

Site Safe is a qualification that allows you to work on large construction sites across New Zealand. It is a 4 hour course that teaches you about the fundamental Health & Safety skills needed to work on a commercial site. This Site Safe passport will last for 2 years after course completion. Talk to your operation manger or check out the sitesafe website to learn more.

How do I report an Incident or Near Miss?

  1. Ensure you and all other workers are out of harms way.
  2. If anyone is injured call out for medical assistance
  3. Call 111 if it is and emergency
  4. Notify the Site Manager
  5. Notify the Operations Manager
  6. Add all notes to your Deputy Journal

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