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Top 6 Benefits Of Using Hustle For Your Next Job

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Recruiting new workers can traditionally be a long, stressful, and tedious process. It always takes longer than expected and the time needed to write the listing, review the candidates, interview them, and finally choose could probably be better spent elsewhere.

Here at Hustle, we take the hard work out of recruitment and leave you to do what you do best. As a managed labour-hire service, all we need from you is to provide us with the information on what you are looking for and leave us to do the rest.

Our screening process combines all standard procedures, including MOJ checks and Visa Verification. We are also able to perform pre-employment and regular drug testing.

There are many benefits to using managed labour hire from Hustle. Apart from peace of mind, here are the top six benefits to using Hustle for your next job.

1. GPS-Backed Timesheets

While a lot of construction companies are still relying on paper time sheets, here at Hustle, one of the benefits you will receive is GPS-backed timesheets. This hel

ps ensure all parties are on the same page. GPS-backed timesheets work using geofencing, which uses GPS points to create a virtual boundary that typically connects to an app. This app is able to remind employees to clock in and out, as they come and go from the site.

Other benefits include empowering employees to track their own hours, which encourages productivity, and the safety benefits of having all your staff accurately accounted for.

2. Personal Account Manager

We understand that every company is unique and therefore has different needs. At Hustle, we assign a personal account manager to each company. This gives you a single point of contact so you can trust that the person who picks up the phone knows your company and understands what you need.

Our team are all highly skilled professionals who live and breathe recruitment, so there is no one better to find you the workers you need. Our massive database is filled with potential employees fitting a range of job descriptions.

Your personal account manager will be your point of call when the deadline gets moved up, or the stomach bug goes around by helping you navigate the fluctuations in demand for staff.

3. We Value Our Team

We pride ourselves on treating staff fairly so that when they arrive on your site, they are as committed as can be. Here at Hustle, we ensure that potential employees undergo comprehensive pre-employment testing. This means that our pool of candidates is not only suitable for the role but eager to work. We believe in treating our staff fairly, which is why we have a minimum hours standard paid for each shift, as well as access to an H & S manager.

This means the workers hired from us will be ready to go as soon as they arrive on-site, with the support systems in place so they can get the job done right.

4. Auckland-Wide Coverage

We offer Auckland-wide coverage. This covers the greater metro Auckland area, from Karaka in the south up to Whangaparaoa in the north. With such a large database of candidates, we are able to take location into consideration when choosing the best staff for you. This gives you peace of mind that bad traffic one morning isn't going to result in late staff and a project falling behind.

5. We Provide Our Team With Full PPE

We understand how important safety is on a construction site which is why we are proud to provide staff with all PPE without bonding or cost to the staff. This means that our staff are fully equipped with everything they need to stay safe on the job as soon as they arrive on-site.

Along with providing PPE, we also offer services such as accreditation with Sitesafe all the way up to tailored toolbox talks, H&S Plans and specialist qualifications.

6. Experts In Our Field Of Recruitment For Construction Companies

Managing large and complex projects is stressful enough without having to worry about recruitment. Using managed labour hire from Hustle means that your construction company will have access to as many (or as few) workers as required to get the project done in the allotted time frame.

All of our staff are not only experienced but also flexible and able to be deployed at short notice. They are available to cover busy periods, annual leave, and special projects while the work is busy, and then once the work slows down, staff numbers can be easily reduced.

Your dedicated expert account manager will help you navigate the staff required for fluctuations in demand, including a fast-approaching deadline. Hustle also has a full-time dedicated internal Health & Safety manager that is on hand to deal with any issues that may occur, leaving you free to focus on the project.

We supply workers for construction projects of all sizes, so contact us today.

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